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Eclairs with salad

Eclairs salad

Featured products in a new recipe. Ingredients: glass of water flour 50g of margarine boiled squid egg corn fresh cucumber greenery mayonnaise a pinch of salt Cooking method: Glass of water and margarine, bring to a boil and boil until thick flour. Then cool and gradually adding raw eggs, beat until thick cream. Bake in…

Mexican salad

Mexican salad

The recipe for this salad, I saw in a magazine, I’m very pleased to supply cakes and even my favorite ingredients. Salad is very tasty and tender, do not be afraid of onions in the composition, it is very by the way there. Ingredients: 100 gr. peeled shrimp 2 avocado 1 small sweet red onion…

The recipe “Wedding Village Salad”

village salad

To make this salad, we need to pre-boil the pork with the addition of a whole onion, bay leaf and allspice, a little at the end of cooking salt broth. In one liter of water add one teaspoon of salt without slides. The meat for this salad should be salted insufficiently. Main taste it acquires…